NBA 2K19 Features

As NBA 2K18 becomes outdated there is a new upgraded game coming around, NBA 2K19. The latter is expected to be one hell of an upgrade version with new efficient features. It is crystal clear the gamers are going to have an enhanced NBA gaming experiences deprived of some past shortcoming. While its launch draws by, there are some projections which have been made. Reviews have been written revealing to gamers some of the features and unique add-ons to expect. No doubt, those positive reviews have elevated the spirits of video gamers. They are earnestly waiting to try out this new package.


Enhanced User Content Moderation

Expect to enjoy improved user content moderation. You will be able to upload your content with a lot of ease. No occurrences of racist memes are going to be witnessed in this game. This means career lovers are going to enjoy creating their career from scratch without any slightest form of intimidation.

Introduction of Euro Leagues in My Career

Gamers are expecting to have the incorporation of Euro Leagues into My career option. They are yearning to test their team against some Europe’s finest and see how their team fairs on. This will really do them enough good in boosting their skills and also the modification of teams. At the moment, they can only hope for this feature to earn a place in the new NBA 2K19.

Improved Conferences

This does not come by surprise. Gamers are looking forward to an NBA 2K19 with enhanced pre-shows, after shows and press conferences. They expect the press conferences to create a strong bond before and at the end of every season game. After shows are to bring authentication to MyPlayer.Basically, players are expecting more options through which they can talk out what is on their mind. This feature will make the game seem more real.

The Neighbourhood

This feature was first introduced in NK218. Basically, it is a marketplace where a player goes to various shops to buy products that needed different menus in the past games. Every product does come with its specific shop.

Players are anticipating for increased shops to facilitate player customization. They are looking forward to new customs of interactions between players. Those obsessed with My Player Customization are expecting much ease in retrieving the previous hairstyle without spending a dime.

Efficient Voice Customization

My Player has been allowing gamers to use their faces in building characters. The current feature seems not to have satisfied a lot of players. Gamers are hoping for more upgrades in the close to be launched 2K19. Gamers are looking forward to enjoying the freedom of choosing a voice they intend to use in building their character. This will be both a satisfactory and beneficial introduction. However, players are expected to spend virtual currency to unlock voice customization. This voice is expected to be heard as your players move around the court. It will go a long way toward improving the gaming experience.

Better Collision Detection

Gamers are looking forward to an efficient collision detection. This feature is expected o ensure ease in dribbling since you will know where every player is to end up once you receive the ball. Driving the ball into the basket is expected to be a little easier. These provisions are aimed at ensuring gamers get to enjoy this new game.

Different Body Types

There has been a problem in body structuring and sizing in the past version of NBA. It has been hard for gamers to resize players since they all come with a similar body type which is maintained throughout the career. Gamers are expecting a more advanced build-up process in My Player creation option. This will ensure they keep tabs with the notable changes players experience after hitting the gym. Sincerely, it will make the game even more interesting.


The expectation of NBA 2K19 is so high. Gamers are anticipating several new features focusing on making this game more fun. They want features that will make the game look more real and interesting. In fact, almost every gamer has a feature wish list hoping that creators of this game would have implemented them prior to its most longed for launch. Whether these expected features will come around is still a mystery. Every gamer has resorted to waiting and hoping for the best.

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