NBA 2K18 – The Best Update Since NBA 2K11

The sports game franchise NBA 2K is a success story. It is very popular, having many fans. In fact the NBA 2K franchise hasn’t had any major competition for years. Releasing competing NBA titles doesn’t make much commercial sense since each entry in the NBA 2K franchise is so good.

The NBA 2K game franchise got so popular thanks to its devotion to realism and its incredible attention to detail. More than just being another sports video game, NBA 2K is a very realistic simulation. It allows the player to feel like they are truly in control of an actual NBA franchise. Since every game feature has been improved, the player’s experience will get even more real now. Whether it’s presentation, modes or gameplay, NBA 2K18 will set new heights.

This update is so good that it can be considered on the top of sports games in general, not only of basketball games. The hype created by this game is so big that NBA 2K18 may be even surpassing the great NBA 2K11. The developer team behind the 2K franchise will certainly create a game to remember.

The NBA 2K18 will implement All-Time Teams that are not to be confused with Classic Teams already present into the game for some time now. All-Time Teams will feature the best players in the franchise’s history. For instance, when it comes to the Lakers, names such as Shaquille O’Neal, Wilt Chamberlain, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are among the biggest in league history. Once the NBA 2K18 game is released, combining present day superstars with legendary players will certainly be fun.

The announcement alone ignited plenty of discussions amongst fans and generated a lot of buzz. Everyone is talking about what players should All-Time Teams feature. NBA 2K18 will also feature 16 new classic teams apart from the All-Time Teams. 2K Sports decided to include more recent teams. Since the teams will be easier to relate to, this could be a good move. The rosters will consist of players that the gamers cheered for.

That means that is more likely they will be more willing to revisit rivalries and relive past glory.

Another great new feature in NBA 2K18 is Super Max. This new mode of online play will force the gamer to become a GM. Managing the salary cap will certainly cause a lot of frustration. But a system that values cards individually is a good idea, forcing the gamers to make more creative choices. The mode promises to be fun and competitive. It will polish your abilities as you evolve through the virtual NBA league.

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