NBA 2K18 Review

The latest offering of NBA 2K18 leads the players into a sports arena ahead of the times. One can establish a steady career in NBA by being a part of the esteemed Pro-Am circuit.

Apart from competing on the courts of The Playground Park, neighborhood shops are setup to explore in the vicinity.

The MyNBA2K18 app available on Android and iOS scans the user’s face to create a customized avatar. Individualized looks can be achieved with the addition of trending hairstyles and precise height and weight columns.

An update of the MyPLAYER mode offers endorsement deals to the characters. The cast includes the who’s who of the basketball fraternity.

In MyTEAM, a player can curate a star studded dream team of his choice. Player cards featuring legends of the bygone era are put on platter.

Don the hat of a sports manager and form a match winning line-up. The user can buy upto 13 players, all within the designated cap on salary. This ensures level playing field to compete against other teams in the season. It is important to strategically plan to draft in 5 main players based on performance.

The recent version of the game brings in unmatched realism into action. Cutting edge technology has been introduced to liven up the animations. The player can experience dribbling the ball hands on now. Improvised shot meter aids in executing the most accurate hitting of shots.

To accomplish the Herculean task of obtaining the ultimate rating of 99, the gameplay is made easier. A uniform mechanism of rewarding badges is put into place, so that it sums up with the player attributes.

Each NBA schedule comprises being at loggerheads with 30 other teams. The only way to advance in the league is by winning games and earning points. Possession of special prizes invites MyTeam to work its way up to 900 distinct challenges.

State of the art graphic techniques are employed to strike a close resemblance to the real life heroes. Minute details such as tattoos, scars, moles and stretch marks are taken into account. Player profiles are totally renovated by exactly matching the lookalike physiques.

Official jerseys of all the participating teams are laser scanned for perfection. Advancement in True Colour Tech has made it possible to make the uniforms more genuine. The shapely fit of the jerseys with popping colours makes it a whirlwind visual experience. The system also houses a wide array of collectible shoes and other accessories.

God of basketball Kobe Bryant has lent his voice to give live commentary during the event. Kevin Garnett joins in with 11 other distinguished personalities to rule the roost of broadcasting.

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